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Organizations for Navigating Religious Trauma:

Check out the Reclamation Collective! It is "holding space for folks navigating religious trauma, spiritual abuse, and adverse religious experiences."

Check out the Religious Trauma Institute! It is a institute for Religious Trauma with "Resources, Training, and Community for Therapists, Researchers, Advocates, and Survivors."

Check out Marie LePage's support group for religious trauma.

The organization, Facing Abuse in Community Environments (FACE) states, "Members of the Muslim community are collectively coming to terms with the fact that among the people who are serving as leaders, including clergy, teachers and religious scholars, are those that abuse their positions of power and violate their ethical responsibilities. Despite the commandments within Islamic teachings that prohibit the transgressing of boundaries or acting abusively towards others, especially the added responsibilities placed on leaders, there are people in positions of power who readily transgress to the point of becoming abusive. It is our responsibility as a community to address this accountability gap."

Podcasts for Learning and Levity:

Growing up Fundie by Sydney Davis Jr. Jr. hosts "a podcast analyzing the true life experiences of every-day people who grew up fundamentalist, orthodox, or involved in any other forms of strictly-religious environments, and the impacts (positive or negative) that these upbringings have had on their lives."

In addition to hosting a monthly support group Marie LePage has interviewed many a guest on a variety of Podcasts which you can find episodes to here on a variety of topics including religious trauma and ethical non-monogamy.

In a podcast by Carla Santamaria, she writes, "In episode 18 of The First Gen Coach Podcast, Carla opens up about her experience disaffiliating from Mormonism, the stalking and harassment she endured from a fellow congregant, and why she ultimately left a religion she could no longer align herself with.

Plus, what being a survivor of institutional abuse means for setting boundaries in the workplace."

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