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Who We Are

NARC-RT is a group of researchers that met through a 'call to collaborate' posted by our dear team member Rebekah Monroe through the Religious Trauma Institute (RTI). Though our initial efforts were to collaborate on a paper about 'Religious Trauma Interventions', out of a collective desire to bring light to intersectional religious trauma in North America, our group turned into something beautiful; a research collective. 

What is

Mission Statement

NARC-RT is focused on expanding scholarship surrounding religious trauma (RT), which is virtually non-existent. Our future aspirations are to investigate different types of RT and evidence-based interventions; however, we first aim to produce literature identifying intersectional RT. We strive for our research to be accessible and available to those in academia, the mental health field, and the general public. By applying Black Feminist theories, such as class-centered identity politics, intersectionality, womanism, and critical race theory, we aim to help various identities affected by RT. Furthering healing and change through the accessibility of knowledge is at the core of our values.

Our Core Values


academic scholarship accessible



voices and 


creating resources that will foster healing.

researching with integrity, empathy, and sensitivity.

decolonizing academia by resisting hierarchies.

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