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Although we are a relatively new collective, we have a lot of passion. Currently, we are working on two projects, however, more will be underway as soon as this summer. Feel free to reach out if you desire to collaborate with us!

Our Work

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Religious Trauma Literature 

The study of religious trauma is a relatively new phenomenon. As such, there is limited academic literature for scholars, mental health practitioners and the public to refer to. Our team is currently working on a literature review that will amalgamate what is currently out there and present a 'call for future research' so individual researchers, collaborators of NARC-RT, and our team can begin adequately filling these gaps. 

In progress.

Upcoming Projects

Church Interior

Evangelical Religious


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Religious Trauma Interventions

Gay Pride Celebrations

2SLGBTQIA+ and Religious Trauma

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BIPOC Experiences of 

Religious Trauma

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Interested in Collaboration?

If you are interested in collaborating with

NARC-RT, please reach out to, clearly outline your proposed project, and allow us time to get back to you to set up a meeting.